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Your 7-Step Guide To Targeted Website Traffic

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Author: Dermot Biggane

The goal of any super affiliate is to drive targeted traffic to their website at all times. It's not enough for an affiliate marketer to have drive and determination - you must have traffic. Compelling content or professionally designed websites are a wasted effort when you have no visitors to appreciate it.

Regrettably, getting traffic can be very difficult, particularly in the early days, given the sheer amount of websites all fighting for their share of visitors. However, help is at hand. You can increase both the quantity and quality of your website traffic by applying these top seven super affiliate traffic building tips:

[1] Use Search Engine Traffic To Your Advantage

Firstly, you need to take advantage of search engine traffic. Aim to get your website listed higher that your competition in the search results. The higher your web site is indexed for your targeted keywords the more free targeted traffic you will receive. Read the following to see how this can be done

[2] Enhance Your Link Popularity

To attain elevated search engine results your website should be getting a substantial quantity of visits already. One of the crucial ways for achieving this is by linking to other related web sites using link exchanges. While Links help to steer traffic to your site, properly crafted keyword links can also increase your rank in the results returned by search engines.

Boosting your website's link popularity can be accomplished by exchanging links with other sites that are closely related to your market, but not in direct competition. To increase the likelihood of getting your link posted on other sites, you'll need to offer a link exchange. You'll find it's helps if you post a link on your site first before you request a reciprocal link.

[3] Writing Press Releases And Articles

Writing and submitting articles is an excellent way to boost your websites link popularity, while giving you an expert status on your chosen topic. Having your articles picked-up by article directories and ezines will also boost your rankings with the search engines.

[4] Build Joint Venture Partnerships

Building joint venture partnerships is an ideal way to explode your sales. A joint venture partnership can simply be two or more business owners coming together to help promote each other's product or service. You can ask your JV partner to promote your product to his list while in return you promote his product to your list, this way you both get instant access to a totally new, but closely related, customer base.

[5] Start An Affiliate Program

One great way to multiply your promotional efforts is to get others to do it for you. You can offer a reward to affiliate marketers for driving buyers to you site. Offering affiliate commissions to drive paying traffic to your site is a win-win situation. Offer your visitors, subscribers and existing customers the opportunity to earn some cash by referring others to your website.

[6] Build An Opt-in Email List

Possibly the greatest asset any marketer could have is his own mailing list. Rarely will visitors buy from your site or a partner site that you're promoting on their first visit. Without capturing your visitor's name and email address all your time and effort getting them to your site could be wasted. Building an opt-in list of subscribers allows you to send reminders, promotions and offers without incurring any further costs.

[7] Profit From Forums

Posting on forums can get you hundreds of backlinks and visitors if done correctly. Forums are a great place to find lots of potential visitor/customers in your target market. You'll find numerous forums that cater for your market by doing a quick search in your favourite search engine. Most forums will allow you to include a link to your site in the bottom of each post you make.

As a super affiliate or marketer it's important to make use off as many tactics as possible to drive targeted traffic to your site. While striving for search engine traffic is clearly essential, you need to plan and apply other tactics as well. It's best to combine the above methods for maximum-targeted traffic, plus you'll be protecting your traffic from falling off should one tactic fail to perform as well as you expect.

About the author: Affiliate marketer Dermot Biggane helps others improve their bottom line by marketing affiliate programs. Discover how he can help you, visit his secret site

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