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TV Shows to Watch in Syndication

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Author: Jennifer Jordan

These days, it seems that shows really never go off the air: they live forever in syndication. It's not exactly the same, with every show labeled a "rerun" and being one you have likely seen (or maybe have memorized), but syndicated shows allow our favorite series to exist in places other than our hearts. Still, syndication isn't for every show, or at least it shouldn't be. The following is our list of the Best TV Shows to Watch in Syndication, shows that are constantly just as funny and just as endearing as they ever were.

Seinfeld: George. Kramer. Elaine. Jerry. A show about nothing was nothing but spectacular. From the Soup Nazi to George's mother, from Uncle Leo to Elaine's penchant for deciding if dates were "sponge worthy," from Puddy to Peterman, Seinfeld touched on the absurdities of life in the most sensible manner. This show only gets better with age, unlike the marble rye bread Jerry stole from a helpless old lady.

The Simpsons: If Seinfeld were a cartoon, it would rival The Simpsons. Filled with a jumble of original characters (Heidily-ho, neighbor), The Simpsons continually remains animated in every sense of the word. Brilliantly written, it is filled with episodes you sometimes have to watch four or five times just to get every joke. This is one series that (when it does go off the air) will never get old.....much like the characters themselves.

Full House: Uh, just kidding. I know: how rude.

The Wonder Years: Generally thought of as a comedy, this show was filled with dramatic coming of age moments. Set in the late sixties and early seventies, it follows Kevin Arnold as he struggles with the trials of growing up. His family - a hippy sister, a bullying brother, a stern father, and a stay at home mom - his allergic to everything best friend, and his childhood crush all have importance in his life. A show that was heartfelt and honest, The Wonder Years is a series people can relate to at any age.

Saturday Night Live: Saturday Night Live has certainly had its ups and downs, with some episodes making us laugh till we cry and others making us long for a Golden Girls marathon to watch instead. But, the thing about SNL is when it's good, it's great. The series that brought us Nick the Lounge Singer, Wayne's World, The Church Lady, Buckwheat, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, Matt Foley, Pat, the Spartan Cheerleaders, and Stuart Smalley, Saturday Night Live reruns are good enough, they're smart enough, and doggone it, people like them.

Northern Exposure: One of those shows that just didn't get enough respect when it was on the air, syndication gives us a chance to right a wrong. A series that follows a New York doctor as he tries to make a life in a small Alaskan town, Northern Exposure was often bizarre, usually eccentric, but always original. It also had a unique way of being completely out there and totally real at the same time. The way it depicted the clash of people from different upbringings was right on the money. This is one show people will always be glad to expose themselves to, time and time again.

About the author: Jennifer Jordan is a senior editor for Possessing an infatuation with pop culture - and a gift for stalking - she keeps up on the latest news of the musical world.

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