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Overcome Procrastination and Rise to Success

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Author: Francesca Kotomski

How to Avoid Procrastination!

Somehow, we all end up putting something off - procrastinating. "In favor of tomorrow..." People think that procrastination is done intentionally but it really is not. There's an underlying emotional cause stored in our subconscious. This holds our permanent memory, holding our emotions and limiting beliefs. For example, you might say that you will go to the gym. This thought will trigger an emotion and if it's positive, you will go and if it's negative, you will continue to procrastinate. Our limiting beliefs are really in control and in order to actually stop procrastinating, you must change your limiting belief about a project or event or whatever you are putting off "in favor of tomorrow."

Here are some practical tips to overcome procrastination:

Form a clear picture of what you want and focus on your goals.

Change your limiting beliefs.

Develop a plan.

Break down the project or goal into smaller, easier, more desirable pieces.

Act as if you have overcome your procrastination, forming positive habits.

Keep a journal of your progress.

Reward yourself for each step accomplished.

Have your friends, family, and colleagues support and reinforce your success.

Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal.

Use positive affirmations to reinforce your determination.

Create new habits to support your new behavior, making sure there are no excuses to procrastinate.

Find a helpmate or partner.

Avoid people who express doubt or other negativity toward your goal.

Avoid environments that encourage the bad habit you are working to eliminate.

Use positive self talk, encouraging you to continue with the project/event.

Tell us how you are working through your procrastination ways. Let's share and move forward, becoming better everyday! Proud member of a proactive mastermind group - inner circle,

About the author: Francesca, driven by the desire to assist others in attaining an abundant fulfilled life, she shares this and other articles on her blog Business site

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