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My Honest Review of Playing Through the Blues - Master Blues Guitar with Playing Through the Blues

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Author: Micheal Phillips

Many guitar players tend to get tired of playing the same thing over and over again and want to learn something new like playing the blues guitar. There are many sources available online through which you can learn to play the blues lead guitar but most of them are crap and don't provide the results expected. Having said that, a lot of people have found the online guitar course "Playing Through the Blues" really effective since it provides a comprehensive knowledge about everything that one requires to master the blues.

It is designed by Griff Hamlin who is a very experienced guitar tutor. An important issue to note is that this training program will not benefit the complete beginners a great deal because the lessons have been structured in a way assuming that you are aware of the basic principles of playing the guitar.

"Playing Through the Blues" guitar learning program includes a main e-book that contains useful lessons to provide you with a complete knowledge of different licks, scales and solos. You will also get the Rhythm and Chords e-book that contains vital lessons on blues chords and rhythm guitar techniques. The lessons in the e-books are accompanied by more than 180 minutes of videos in which the producer Griff Hamlin will be explaining everything inside out. It also consists of audio files that cover all the examples in the lessons.

You will also receive several Bonus materials along with the main package. One is "the masters section" where students will be able to learn various essential tips on how to play blues from some of the blues experts. You will also be provided with 10 useful jam tracks to enhance your ability to play blues. Also the members area will be updated with new lessons and examples on a continuous basis and you are able to enjoy them without having to pay anything extra.

"Playing Through the Blues" guitar learning course together with all of its main components and bonuses can be purchased at a fairy good price of $47. You would probably pay the same amount to a good professional teacher for just one blues lesson. Just imagine how much you would have spent at the time you feel that you have learnt a lot and are pretty good at it. Why waste money on them when you can have the same lessons through this course, taught by an expert in a comprehensive manner at a price as low as $47.

The author Griff Hamlin also provides you with a 56 day-100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the guitar training program.

"Playing Through the Blues" is an extremely useful guide ideal for anyone interested in mastering playing the blues. The well structured and easy to understand lessons will enable you to follow them at ease and will help you to become a proper blues lead guitarist by the end of the course.

About the author: If you want to learn more about Playing Through the Blues, then I would suggest that you read my detailed behind-the-scenes Playing Through the Blues Review. If you are interested in discovering the best guitar lessons available online, then I'd suggest you visit Best Guitar Lessons.

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