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Author: Sustines E. Laplana

The hacking incident that happend on March 8, 2004 in my previous websites: The Way To Know Sueboy ( and Pasugo-Online ( by Rovick "Solismo" Balunsay (ADD_Rovhick), an Ang Dating Daan and ADD-CIT member, has brought me to find ways in making my password more secure. The following are the things that should be considered when creating a password:

1.) A password shouldn't be related to you as a user, like names, birthday, hometown, pet's name or anything that is obviously related to you. You friend or someone who knew you can possibly try to steal your password by using those things.

2.) Don't use simple terms found in dictionaries as password because some hackers do use script in guessing your passwords using those temrs.

3.) Dont't use sequential numbers too.

4.) Longer passwords are better than shorter ones.

5.) Combination of number and word terms are more secured than using number or word terms alone. But the combination of number and word terms with special characters is far more secured than those mentioned above. The example of this are "m0nd@y" (Monday) and "$0u1$$@1v@710n" (SoulsSalvation).

About the author

Sustines E. Laplana

S.E.Laplana is known as Ka Webspy on the Internet. He maintained his personal blog, the Ka Webspy News and Journal at and his trend setter blog, the Cellular Phones and Gadgets Trend Updates at

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