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Author: Regina Jacques

Florida's known as a retirement state. Living in FL, we not only have local senior citizens, but we also have those that get away from the freezing winters up north that spend about 6 mo. down here every year. They're referred to as "snow birds". I was running errands today, and saw quite a few grandparents picking up Easter baskets for their grandkids.

I remembered getting those baskets as a kid and looking for eggs after church. Before church, my mom would hide little Easter baskets around the house for myself and my brother. The dish washer was one of her favorite hiding places. Also wearing pretty Easter dresses. I recall getting my little white shoe stuck in wet tar and having to leave it there on the sidewalk! This year I'm looking forward to her pineapple cake with the green dyed coconut on top of it and adorned with jelly beans.

We do hear a lot of incidences on the news like I have mentioned before like those that wander off with dementia, then you hear about those plowing into buildings, those that get abused in nursing homes. Well, today's showed a poor eighty-nine year old that was sexually assaulted by two teenagers none the less! They also tried to smother her with a pillow, not to mention ransacked her house and stole her car. There was also a man who took walks quite frequently, and he was assaulted and beaten so badly, they just about broke every single bone in his face and left for dead. You see all these things on the news, and it just blows your mind!

I am telling you, no matter what your age, you should have some type of personal defense mechanism on you. If you're out taking a walk, have something in your hand or in your pocket, on your side, somewhere so that you can quickly defend yourself. A double trouble stun gun is an excellent choice for taking walks or even for home use. Keep it by your door within reach. There are several different kinds of personal protection products that are all excellent choices, make sure to check them out. They make great life saving gifts as well to protect the ones you love.

Yours In Safety,

Regina Jacques

About the author: Regina Jacques is the Vice President of and Visit her companies today for ALL your security, surveillance and spy equipment needs! More information on the double trouble stun gun can be found here:

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