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Clean Your Amps

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Author: Rudy Gentry

Keeping Your Amplifier Clean

Keeping your amp clean will help your sound, It will make your amp last longer, It will make you feel better.

Stay tuned and we will discuss just how to do this.

Keeping your amp clean has many advantages, Like I listed above.

Lets start with your pots or your knobs,and switches.

First you you have any problems with doing maintenance

on equipment as far as your ability or if you are concerned

with warranty issues,Then take your amp to your dealer or service tech and get these tasks done. Or at least the ones

you might not want to handle yourself only you know what you are able to accomplish yourself.

Now for the rest of us,Lets get started.

First Make sure you have some electronic spray cleaner.

Its very important its electronic spray cleaner ©

There are many brands, I use "CRC Q D Electronic Cleaner"

Do not try Wd /40 or something like this. You will cause

Big Problems....

Unplug your amp from the wall and remove your knobs volume,tone,bass, ect. ect.

Take note that sometimes these knobs have set screws holding them on,These can be easily removed with the right tool either phillips or flat slotted screwdriver or a hex or allen type screw remover will normally do it.

Once again be sure you have "Electronic Spray Cleaner "Only.

After you remove your knobs, Spray each pot stem for one second, and spray straight down at them not at a angle.

Be sure to use the one second rule, Dont want to really soak anything.

The reason we are spray cleaning our pots is to take away any of that horrible crackling noise, That gets present from dust, cigarette smoke if you play in bars and other dirt even spilled drinks. This special electronics spray cleans and lubricates and is very fast drying.

After you spray the pots turn the stems back and forth a lot of times, This works the spray in and cleans things up real good.

Be sure to match the stem position with the correct number on your knobs when reinstalling them.

It does not hurt to give your flip switches a little spray also,

One second right?

Next If you have a open back ,or semi open backed amp

you can vacuum it out and get the dust out of there.

Next you can take some good old fashioned Vaseline jelly and a clean rag, And use it to wipe down the vinyl covering or tolex ,even the chrome or plastic parts on the corners ,Everything will look a lot better add protection to your amps exterior even wood pieces can be cleaned with the Vaseline, If you have any wood trim on your amp.

This is fairly easy maintenance, and it not only makes your amps look better,And protects them, But the cleaning of the pots will make them function better, There for making them last longer and make your playing sound better too. These same methods will work on your pedals too.

Be sure not to over spray the cleaner, Use the one second rule.

I know I already said this but its important.

About the author: Rudy Gentry A Electric Bass Guitar Player, Of Many Styles Of Music. Living In Western Oregon, Free Advice For Bass Guitar Newbee's, Avid Song Writer, Ever In Need Of Some Great Lyrics To Finnish That Special Riff Just Right,I Can Help You Out.I'm One Of Those People Who Has A Ongoing Juke Box In My Head 24/7 Cant Be Stopped, Been Known To Write Songs In 10 Minutes, Any Way Visit My Bass Site For More Info

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