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Build Your Own Wooden Swing Set From Plans

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Author: Adam Peters

You can easily build your own wooden swing set or glider by getting a detailed plan online or through your local hardware store. Plans come with full, easy to follow instructions as well as precise lists of everything you need to complete the project successfully.

If you are thinking of building a wooden swing set for your backyard you should definitely check out the internet. There are loads of plans available to download online at the click of a mouse. You may also be able to find plans at your local hardware store, or even from a swing set retailer. The building plans are designed for people who have no previous building experience so anyone can succeed without too much time or effort invested in the project.

The plans always come with a very detailed list of everything you will need to complete the build. They list all the hardware you will need in great detail, all the accessories and swing seats as well as exact measurement of every piece of wood require to complete the swing set.

In addition to the list of things you will need the plans usually anticipate your next question: where to get the stuff from. Swing sets require specialist hardware and anchors to be safe to use, which can sometimes be difficult to find locally. With a list of suppliers including online retailers that stock the pieces you need the plans take out any possible frustration that may otherwise have come with such a project.

The plans will detail the exact measurement of all the required pieces of timber. It is absolutely essential that you make sure the wood you purchase is either pre-treated to resist outdoor conditions, or that you take the time to make it weather resistant by treating it yourself before you start building the set. This step is definitely not a waste of time if you want to make sure that your new swing set doesn’t get completely ruined at the first sign of rain!

It is worth noting that if you not feel confident that you can find all the necessary hardware on your own you can still have some fun building your own wooden swing set. There is another option available to you: in addition to plans you can also purchase swing set kits. While these may cost you a little more they do come will all the necessary hardware and accessories, which should save you quite a bit of time.

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