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Adam Lambert Tickets Deliver A Solid Glam Rock Concert

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Author: Al Terry

Adam Lambert tickets are on sale and selling fast for his first headliner tour. The eight season American Idol runner up is going out on a huge national tour covering all U.S. states and major venues. The tour will showcase the tenors glam rock and pop styles with a mix of original and cover songs. His "Glam Nation" tour will kick things off on June 4, 2010 at the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts and his final show for the tour will end on October 25, 2010 in Honolulu, HI. This former American Idol star is already making a huge name for himself in the rock/pop music realm.

It is no wonder why Adam Lambert tickets are selling out across the country. The theatrical glam rocker delivers an amazing show to his fans. All the dazzle one could expect to be present in the show with Lambert parading around the stage, light show, dance routines all behind a rocking band pushing out almost disco style beats. Lambert's theatrical background is vivid within his show as it was on Idol, dishing out a dazzling production that makes it hard to believe this is his debut headlining show.

Adam looks extremely comfortable on the stage, almost as if he has been doing this for his entire life. Though his concerts are being played in relatively smaller venues and theaters, there is no doubt it has the feel of a stadium venue. The show actually feels too big to be contained within the smaller venues but this is better for fans as they get all the bells and whistles while the show still remains intimate. There was much hype behind this tour when it was announced causing many venues quickly to sell out of Adam Lambert tickets. No doubt Lambert is living up to the hype with the first shows he has played and jumping right into his glam rock persona.

The audiences are treated mostly to many original songs off Lambert's debut album "For Your Entertainment," as well as some of the covers from his season on American Idol. Songs on his set list include "Sleepwalker" and "Voodoo" as well as covers such as Tears For Fears "Mad World" and Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love." The concert runs fairly short of a little over one hour and includes encores. Perhaps as the tour gains steam some more songs will be added to extend the show and keep fans satisfied.

For fans getting Adam Lambert tickets is surely a must but this show will turn even the biggest skeptic into a fan. Lambert puts in the work to produce an amazing rock/pop glam concert that it becomes hard to believe this is his first major headlining act. Right from the moment the concert starts it is full speed and never slows down. The lights, dancers and theatrics of this front man deliver a wonderful spectacle well worth seeing. Whether Lambert has what it takes for a long lasting career in the business, or if he will become the biggest act to break through after American Idol is unknown. One thing is for certain, he has all the skills, talent and ambition to do so and if this is the start of what is to come then this glam rocker's future looks bright.

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